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Marvel at Shark Bay's famous dolphin, dugong and other marine wildlife when you come day cruising on the catamaran "Aristocat 2". It's an exciting wildlife sailing cruise off Monkey Mia beach in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area of Western Australia.

Free boom netting as part of your cruise
subject to safety issues at skipper's discretion

Dolphins up close and personal is only part of your Shark Bay cruising adventure when you sign for one of our marine wildlife cruises. Your skipper and crew are experts at finding the pods of dolphins, dugong and other marine creatures which inhabit the Shark Bay World Heritage Park. Sharks, turtles, rays, sea snakes and whales can often appear when least expected so rest assured, you'll never be bored.


Multiple sightseeing eco cruises leave Monkey Mia beach jetty  every day. Some are as short as one hour. Others last several hours. Choose the cruise which suits you best.

No Shark Bay vacation is complete without a visit to the famous Monkey Mia dolphins and nobody understands their habits better than the folks who crew on "Aristocat 2".

Please Note: For safety or practical reasons, the information contained in this website is subject to change without notice. Cruises and activities are at the skipper’s discretion.

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